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Protection and comfort

for diabetic feet.

What do

we produce?




Anatomical Footwear

Designed to provide more comfort and protection. It is a footwear that respects the natural anatomy of the feet, prevents pain and adapts to walking, providing more quality of life. They are produced with flat insoles and shapes that accommodate and strengthen the structure of the feet. They are ideal for any age.


fits the bunion region.

Do not squeeze, do not hurt!

Neoprene is a flexible, durable, waterproof material that provides thermal protection for the feet and accommodates the raised region without squeezing or bruising.

Special for diabetics

Diabetic feet have reduced sensitivity and need shoes that provide protection and safety.

Doctor  Pé has developed a special line that meets these needs:

Do you know the difference between anatomical and orthopedic footwear?

Orthopedic footwear is custom-made by a specialist to correct an error in the feet of the orthopedic patient. It is made to compensate deformations, deficiencies or limitations of foot functionality. They are indicated by orthopedic doctors for these specific cases.


Check out these videos to know how our shoes can help you take care of your health.

Special footwear for diabetic feet.

Special shoes for bunions.

Special footwear for calcaneal spurs.

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