Doctor Pé Shoes

Elvio Pucci Street, 181
Franca, SP.

+55 (16) 2104-7171

Quality of life

is in our DNA.

Know our history.

It all began with the dream of combining comfort and well-being in shoes that would help people to have quality of life. Therefore, foot care is inherent and paramount to our footwear. From this principle, in 1995, Doctor Pé appeared in Franca - SP.


Our trajectory is focused on a lot of study, search of materials, qualified labor and tests of development to achieve the necessary quality, that present a set of characteristics that identify the footwear by Doctor Foot:

  • Comfort all day;

  • Quality of materials, which extend its durability;

  • Adaptation to the reality of each customer's feet;

  • Fashion and style to be used in any occasion.

With the evolution of technology and investment in more precise machines, we have been able to maintain and improve this set of characteristics that make up our identity, bringing comfort and health to thousands of Brazilians for  more than 20 years.

Today we are one of the leading footwear industries in the country, focused on wellness, with specific lines tested and approved by consumers, with the most diverse needs of comfort, all around the world.

Who do we create for?

For those who want to walk comfortably and have more health when it comes to putting on. For feet that need special care: yours!

We value people.

Respect, simplicity, transparency and appreciation of people;

Commitment to quality;

Satisfaction of employees, suppliers, customers and consumers;

Social commitment;

Innovation and creativity;

Comfortable shoes that bring well-being to people.

Want to know a little more about our production?

So check out this video with us.