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Women's Shoes




Women's Shoes


Comfort and elegance: the perfect pair to accompany you at all times. In this line you will find models of shoes that provide a unique feeling of comfort for your feet. This line has modern buildings, materials and colors that accompany the latest fashion trends.


Line specially developed for you that feels pain and excessive tiredness in the feet. The shoes respect the natural anatomy of your feet. It has a differentiated basis that distributes body weight and relieves the impacts of walking. It is ideal for you who spends long periods standing. Soft components, width and height settings and insoles with massaging points accommodate the feet perfectly. The result is a much safer and more comfortable walking.

Specials for bunions

It is the solution to that inconvenience caused by the bunion. The models with this technology are developed with leather and neoprene mix to perfectly fit  the toes. Neoprene is a combination of expanded rubber, coated with 2-sided fabric. It is a tough, flexible, elastic material that offers thermal protection. The discomfort disappears and the relief is instantaneous.

Special for diabetics

Diabetic feet have reduced sensitivity and need shoes that provide protection and safety. Doctor  Pé has developed a special line that meets these needs:


- Reduction of the internal seams to avoid a possible injury from the contact between the skin and the footwear.


- The inner lining consists of cushioned and breathable materials that contribute to the maintenance of the ideal temperature and absorb the natural moisture of the feet.


- Anatomical soles prevent wear of ligaments and tendons.


- The distribution of body weight contributes to a better posture, besides stimulating the blood circulation.


- It is a firm, rigid and resistant sole to avoid twisting and possible perforations by sharp objects.

Special calcaneus spurs

These are models designed to reduce pain in the heel region. The anatomical soles distribute body weight and relieves pressure in the posterior region of the legs and feet. Insole with massaging points stimulate blood circulation. The result is comfort and freedom for you to move around as you wish.



Our tennis shoes line was developed to bring maximum comfort and quality with a touch of more feminine design, providing a soft and safe walk, always emphasizing the health of the feet.



The white shoe line by Doctor Pé was created for you to walk in the clouds. With an exclusive softness system that respects the anatomy of the feet, the shoes are produced in 100% genuine leather for healthcare professionals or anyone who just loves this color. Less fatigue, more well-being.

Men's Shoes



and slippers

Designed to provide comfort and freshness for men's feet. They are made with soles and insoles of P.U, leather and lining in soft leather. It is a lightweight, durable and comfortable product for modern men to wear in casual situations.

Comfortable shoes

Elegant and modern shoes produced in noble materials. Leather lining, insoles and soles in P.U are some characteristics of Doctor Pé's men's shoes. A footwear for those who have good taste and look for a product with the highest technology of comfort. Have stability and safety when walking with a lot of softness.


With the line of masculine shoes we present younger and more updated products. More versatile and cool shoes, but with the same quality and comfort of the anatomical lines. The models have adjustments to accommodate the feet perfectly. The ideal footwear for you who likes fashion and comfort.


Our line of footwear for diabetics has the premise of comfort, stability and safety  for the feet. Special features such as: soft leather, 100% genuine, inner lining with meticulous stitching that does not hurt, special soles to avoid perforations and also, padded details that preserve the feet.



The white line was created for you to walk lightly and softly. Our footwear respects the anatomy of the feet and is extremely soft, produced in 100% genuine leather. Special for people who work in the health area and have to work for a long period.